Posted by: liv | October 19, 2009

Post Move Update

Well I’m back in SoCal and couldn’t be busier…sort of.  Between looking for a new job, unpacking, reorganizing every room in my apartment, and all sorts of little errands, I have been mostly relaxing.  I had a pretty busy arrival week, and now that it’s a new week, things are slowing down a bit.

First off…has anyone heard of the Lingerie Football League?  Well if you haven’t, it’s pretty much exactly as it sounds.  Girls wearing bras and underwear, with some padding, kicking the crap out of each other in football.  Not sissy flag football either, they tackle and punch and everything.  We were at the San Diego Seduction vs. Dallas Desire game and San Diego got beat down.  It was shameful and sad to watch.

Next up, the Vegas trip so my friend and I could go see the Justin Timberlake and Friends show at Mandalay Bay. (By the way, we were on the same flight as Dallas Desire from above).  The show was amazing!!!!!  It was a 2-3 hour long concert where Justin sang a song, then introduced his guest artists to sing a few songs, and it went like that throughout the whole show.  Guest performers included Jay Sean, Alicia Keys, Taylor Swift, TLC, Snoop Dogg, Ciara, and Timbaland.  We had a blast!  We also managed to get in a little gambling as well.  It was a 24hr whirlwind adventure and my recuperating involved a nap all day Sunday.  The Monte Carlo was the lucky choice of stay, but it actually wasn’t really that great.  I’d probably pick a different hotel next time.

Anyways, between all that and seeing my friends, it’s been so much fun to be back.  I miss my nephew back in WA, but “a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.”…and I stand by that…except the man part.


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