Posted by: liv | October 2, 2009

Year-Long Seattle Stay Review

With my stay in Seattle coming to an end, I’m going to go ahead and review my time here (well, work is work, so that isn’t really getting much of a review…it was fun, but how else can you really describe work?)


The weather was really nice!  I’m told that this year is kind of a fluke because it didn’t rain as much as it is stereotyped to, and it snowed very heavily for the first time in nine years (which caused a slightly crazy holiday season).  We also had a pretty large heat wave for a week or so and broke the record for longest time without rain this summer.  How “nutty.”  The “highest suicide rate” has finally become the most annoying stereotype about Seattle.


Ah, Seattle

Ah, Seattle

Things to do:

I made attempts and definitely did the tourist thing.  I hit all the following places:

They were a lot of fun.  Really.  Everything is worth doing once.  (Although with all the visitors, I had to do the Underground Tour 2 times!)  And not only did I do all that, I also made it to Vancouver, BC (aka Canada) and I also made it to a few movies, and managed to get some sports in…

(This year is turning out more productive than I thought before…)  What a great year.  There is also my family that I got to stay with and I got to hang out and help raise my nephew.  I’ll be visiting again as often as I can.  Been a great ride…but it’ll be back to SoCal soon!


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