Posted by: liv | September 12, 2009

Overpriced Fun – Cupcakes

Turns out, I’ll do anything for a good cupcake.  Ever since my friend had cupcakes at her wedding:


I’ve taken a huge notice to how awesome cupcakes are.  (I definitely used to have a “traditional wedding cake” ideal, but not-so-much anymore…now all ideas are fair game).  Because of that, I feel like I have a higher standard in the world of cupcakes.  Even though it is painful on the wallet to fork over about $3 for a cupcake, it’s all too hard to resist.  Case in point…


Trophy Cupcakes

Trophy Cupcakes


Trophy Cupcakes in Seattle (and now Bellevue, WA) are soooooo good.  I almost never care that i spend $3+ on 1+ cupcakes that I will consume in mere minutes.

(I’ll also take this time to mention I’m also a pretty big fan of one of their competitors…Cupcake Royale…but Trophy has an upper edge now that they’re closer to where I am).

Flavors of choice: Red Velvet (classic), and the Snickerdoodle one was good.  Anything with pink frosting is also great.  The triple chocolate was good, but REALLY chocolaty.  Sometimes you just got to treat yourself 🙂


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