Posted by: liv | September 8, 2009


Bumbershoot is apparently a 3-day (always Labor Day weekend) music festival that actually is not limited to music.  They have comedy shows, lots of sales booths selling food, clothes, art, jewelry, etc.  Even the music isn’t technically limited to rock or anything.  I specifically went on Monday to check out Black Eyed Peas and they were AWESOME.  


My cell camera pic of BEP

My cell camera pic of BEP



I shouldn’t really be surprised by that, they’re always awesome.  I saw them in conjunction with Gwen Stefani in San Diego on Gwen Stefani’s first solo album tour.  The festival was held at Seattle Center (aka, near the Space Needle) and was fenced off at all the necessary places.  It was pretty busy for a on-and-off rainy day in Seattle, but that isn’t too surprising.

It also occurred to me how much of the Seattle Center I have not even noticed.  I mean, LOOK AT THIS FOUNTAIN!


Fantastic.  I watched a bunch of kids slide down the slope and run through the fountain like they were all 5 years old (though some were much older than that).

All-in-all, it was a great day.  Shawn and I also bought some art and a souvenir tshirt.  I love finding new things to do in this city.  He didn’t seem to mind the rain tooooo much…



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