Posted by: liv | August 31, 2009

Asia Trip Review – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Out of respect for my friend, I’m not really posting anything about her hometown and family visit.  I didn’t really take that many pictures anyways, but her family lives near an area called Ipoh, which seems very residential and doesn’t seem to have anything “touristy” about it…her neighborhood at least.  Now onto Kuala Lumpur (or as most people refer to it…KL):

First off, we stayed in the Coronade hotel.  It was very nice…but for some reason, near the train station, it was almost impossible to find a cab driver who even knew where the hotel was!  Weird.  (Taxi drivers are very much out out to cheat you out of your money).  We eventually found one.  I don’t think we were completely cheated until our return trip from the Petronas Towers…speaking of which…

We tried to hit the Petronas Towers and found that we needed tickets in advance (which we failed to get) in order to go to the top and view the city from the bridge.  The bottom floors of the building are a mall…so we window shopped as our way of saying “we went to the Petronas Towers.”  We also took a picture.


Petronas Twin Towers

Petronas Twin Towers

The next day, we went on a tourist excursion to the Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary.  It was 1.5-2 hours away from KL in the jungle, and basically the main reason I even wanted to make a stop in KL.  This is all thanks to this post I found on Shrimp & Petroleum.  Because we refused to take a cab or even attempt to drive around Malaysia ourselves, we opted to overpay for a tourist group visit.  This was fine because it included our lunch, a random trip to the Royal Selangor Pewter Factory, and the transportation to and from the sanctuary.  

The sanctuary was both amazing and a little gross at the same time.  I’ve never ridden, fed, or pet an elephant before, but that was FUN….minus the insanely dirty water that you can swim in if you opt to swim with the elephants (which we did, yay & ew!).  



Oh I forgot to mention that we did the “Doctor Fish” aka Fish Spa at this one random hotel.  It was weird and ticklish.  I did think my feet felt smoother a tad when we left though.  Here is the gist of what it looks like.


Fish Spa!

Fish Spa!

After all that fun, we went back to the US.  Overall, the trip was incredible.  I had a great time with lots of stories, memories, and needs to shower for a lifetime!  I have been bitten by the travel bug and can’t wait to do that again (only with a new set of locations).

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