Posted by: liv | August 9, 2009

Overpriced Fun – Bowling

I really dislike the places that are deliberately overpriced because they made it look more “high end” for a non-high end activity/food.  (i.e. Sushi places that cost twice as much because they picked a modern decor)…but sometimes, I’ll be a little surprised and find one that actually seems enjoyable.

I was really unsure about going to The Lucky Strike because the first time I checked the website, I found a link for a DRESS CODE…since when does bowling require a dress code (and a bouncer for that matter).  I wrote it off in my head because I just figured it was an overpriced place where people want to pretend they’re going clubbing, but bowling at the same time.

Then I find out my friend is having her birthday party at Lucky Strike and shoot…I must go because it’s her birthday!  I show up (looking a little scrubby, but presentable) and I just can’t believe I’m showing this guy my ID at the door, but I walk in and find my friends and it’s a surprisingly cute place.  We had gotten a party package that gave us 2 lanes for 2 hours, included shoe rentals and served us fountain drinks (you had to order and pay for your own alcohol separately), and certain appetizers during our entire time there.  I actually had a fun time.  I saw people dressed up like they were hitting a club and thought it was pretty funny, some people in our party dressed up a little too just for fun.  I found myself slowly thinking “ok, it’s not THAT bad.”

All-in-all, the bowling was fun, the appetizers were pretty good.  The price was (as expected) atrocious.  If you ever go, bowl as fast as you can and get as many games in as possible, or bring a lot of people to help split up the price per person. 

Our friend had a great time, that was the most important part.  I guess there is no price on that.



  1. Thank you so much for deciding to come, I had an excellent time. Even though i burned my bowling fingers on my curling iron! I also have videos i need to post!

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