Posted by: liv | May 28, 2009

Car Got Broken Into

Last night, my car was broken into. Lucky for me, I don’t keep extremely valuable things in there, but whoever did it managed to make off with my GPS (that was hidden in the glove compartment) and the stereo/CD player right out of the dashboard. My trunk was also slightly ajar and the car-kit inside was missing. He/She/They/Whoever didn’t even break any glass. Somehow the window was pried open long enough to slip something in to unlock it. It’s no wonder no one heard anything.

1-Don’t keep anything valuable in your car at any time! You never know who is watching.
2-Because it’s a tough time in the world, people are getting desperate…something that seems miniscule to you (like your coat) could mean something sellable/stealable to a desperate thief. (kind of goes with #1).
3-Keeping any sort of bag in your car can be very deceiving…even if it keeps something like a pair of socks in it, someone could possibly break in just to make sure.
5-And if you are a victim, call 911 and report it! Better to have it on record than to have to suck it up and deal with it alone. (My police officer was really helpful and nice).


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