Posted by: liv | April 5, 2009

Long Distance Relationship Help

Being in a long distance relationship currently, here are a few things that I’m thankful for and I’m glad they exist:
1-Skype. I was pretty worried that I’d have to talk to my guy on the phone and somehow forget what he looks like, but thanks to Skype, we can actually see each other. The visual part helps soooo much. (While I’m thinking about that, I’m pretty thankful for my Macbook with built-in camera and microphone).
2-Airline gift cards. My guy’s friends just chipped in and got him a $100 gift card to Southwest (I’m sure other airlines use this too, but he’s been flying SW mostly when he visits) for his birthday. What a seriously clever and thoughtful gift that was. It will make his next flight here much less expensive. We’ve been alternating visits between CA and WA.
3-Family/friends. I don’t have that many friends here and I’m definitely more homebody-ish, but I am living with family and that helps. Coming to places by yourself can be scary and luckily for me, everywhere I’ve gone, I’ve had at least 1 family member and/or friend around to help make things easier. I’m here to work and help raise my new nephew. He is so adorable and as hard as it is to be apart from my guy, I don’t regret for a second coming to help raise him and take my new job contract opportunity.
4-Things to do. Hobbies including reading books, playing in sports leagues, and watching netflix movies. If you don’t have anything to do, you’ll go NUTS.
5-Lovey Dovey stuff. Make sure you tell your guy/girl how much you love and miss them. Sometimes it should be implied, but really…it’s such a nice thing to hear it.

And that’s it. I’m not sure if there is anything else, but I’ll be sure to add it.


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