Posted by: liv | February 19, 2009

The Joint Birthday Celebration

Next month, I’m actually lucky enough to share my birthday with Shawn. We’re a week apart. Lucky, why? Well, because if he knows we’re a week apart, he can hardly forget (ha!), but really, it’s because we can celebrate our birthdays together. I don’t mind celebrating them separately either, but our circumstances allow for it most of the time. Last year, we did a BBQ at our apartment and invited friends to hang out. This year, we’re taking it all for ourselves. We are taking a weekend trip to Vancouver, Canada. We’re very excited. We still have time, but for now, I know that Stanley Park and the Aquarium will be checked out. We booked reservations at a sweet looking hotel with specials and online coupons via Orbitz. I’m very excited…

Not that many people are blessed to not have to work so hard to celebrate couples’ birthday that happen to be in the same month, but should you decide to, or if you are blessed like me, then aside from cute ideas like a trip…

1-There is always just going out to a fancy schmancy dinner.
2-If you have a lake nearby and they offer dinner cruises, check those out as well.
3-Celebrate with your friends with a fun or formal dinner or lunch (OR brunch!…brunches are highly underrated).
4-If you have connections, or connections to connections, see what you can do about going to a club, VIP style.
5-Go to an event…sporting event, concert, broadway show, whatever.
6-What’re your hobbies? Split up into what you and your significant other want to do. Make sure you cover one of each that whole day.
7-If you don’t want to go far for a trip, try to “staycation” (I kinda hate that term, but it’s relevant) it by booking a nice hotel in your area or within an hour away and pretend you’re on vacation for the night.

It’s up to you on if you want to include your friends on these or not. Maybe spend one night partying with all your friends and the other night just with your significant other and tell everyone to leave you alone until tomorrow.

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