Posted by: liv | January 22, 2009

Valentine's Day Approaching

So Valentine’s Day is coming up…I don’t know what your plans are, but I know that I’m going to enjoy a nice dinner with my boyfriend and a movie with him and some other friends. 🙂

In case you were looking for some ideas on how to keep V-day simple:
1-Flowers are really nice. Even if your girl says she doesn’t want any, get them anyways. Simple, not too expensive, and still means something even if they insist it doesn’t.
2-Dinner and a Movie: The theater, the drive-in, making dinner and staying in to watch something on your tv. Candlelight. Whatever. Use those creative brains you got there. If you decide to go out though, I can’t stress enough that you make a reservation. That night is ridiculous! Some fancy restaurants even let you make them online (and don’t forget to confirm at least 2 days beforehand!)
3-One way to help ease the craziness of V-day is to even celebrate it the day/night before or after (mostly if you plan on going out to dinner that night).
4-Another way to keep it simple is to even celebrate it during the day and not during night. Go to a V-day lunch instead of dinner. Or have a picnic if you live somewhere nice and warm. Or just do something you generally enjoy.
5-V-day may be just for the 2 of you, but if you feel for your single friends, invite them out for a nice large gathering. Heck, celebrating the 2 of you can be just for your Anniversary…V-day can be celebrating the love you both have for your friends! You don’t have to keep it to just your single friends, just have a V-day party for everyone you want to invite.

Singles-awareness day for some of you? Well how about this?:
1-Girls’ night. (Shoot, any night can be girls’ night but this day, you’re more aware of it)…Dinner of your choice. Movies of your choice. Or go out to the bars.
2-Some places have mixers or speed dating so you can try your luck at meeting someone cool with all your girl friends (or guy friends) at the hotspot of your area.
3-Nix the day altogether, it’s just February 14 to you.
4-Find a place to volunteer. Most people seem to volunteer around holidays such as Thanksgiving or Christmas. Why should V-day be any different?

V-day-ish movies you could see include:
-He’s just not that into you
-The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
-My Bloody Valentine (if you’re into that sort of thing)
-Bride Wars
-Marley & Me
-New in town
-Confessions of a Shopaholic

Yeah you’ll notice they’re almost all chick flicks. If you’re not into that, try a new Indie film or foreign film…or see whatever you 2 can agree on. Chick flicks tend to be the most popular. I did manage to convince my boyfriend to see He’s Just Not That Into You…but he said it’s my V-day present.

Speaking of gifts…it’s a bad economy. Don’t ask for any. If you must though, try to stay simple. Flowers, chocolate, try a greeting card. Asking for big presents is what your birthday, Christmas, or your Anniversary is for. I guess that’s a little biased since my gift is just the time I get to spend with my guy. If you really want to get a present, just get something you know he/she will like, and try to keep a nice budget for it. Former gifts I did though, included sporting events, concert tickets, clothes. Former gifts that I got included clothes, dinner, and concert tickets.

Good luck Feb 14th!


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