Posted by: liv | January 11, 2009

Superbowl is coming

As I sit here in the coffeeshop (you read that right), watching the playoffs (you also read that right), I am really psyched for the Superbowl to come back. I am not the biggest sports person, but I do enjoy the excitement in any end-of-season sports time. So what are everyone’s Superbowl party ideas? What type of food do you serve? Drinks? Themes? Or are you hosting your first Superbowl party ever?

Here are some ideas to help you:
1-When in doubt, have a potluck. Hosting parties isn’t cheap in any way (I host a lot and also spend about 50-100 of my own dollars to entertain at least 8 friends).
2-If you are in charge of the main course try any of these as ideas: Nachos, Chicken wings, Sliders (those mini burgers on the hawaiian rolls), regular burgers, hot dogs, meat and veggie skewers, steaks (if you can afford it. I know some people who are big fans of tri-tip and they feed lots of people).
3-Are you in charge of a side dish? Well, there are a plethora of options: veggie platter, potato salad, mac salad, chips & dip, regular salad, baked beans, mashed potatoes, corn-on-the-cob…the world is your oyster (but don’t bring oysters unless everyone is into that).
4-Most people may drink what you have, but it’s best to have everyone bring their drink of choice. You cannot possibly account for everyone in attendances’ favorite beers/sodas/liquors. Don’t be ashamed to bring your own choice drinks to a party too, but bring enough so you give the appearance that you’re sharing…or actively sharing.
5-This sounds a little weird, but provide extra side-entertainment for those who attend that are faking their interest in the game. Some people are bad about paying attention to the game (me included…I’m improving though). That, or they’d be somewhat paying attention but really wishing they were somewhere else. If you have guests like that, one or two decks of cards can really help alleviate some of those peoples’ boredom. Board games are also helpful if you’re into that sort of thing. Another thing that is neat are those little boxes with question cards in it.
6-In addition to #5…if you happen to have a pool table, a ping pong table, a shufflepuck table, or (if you’re still into it) a beer pong table…can you possibly lead the tv to near that area?
7-Let’s move onto themes…you’re not really required to have one, but it never hurts. Are you a die-hard fan of whoever is playing? Go ahead and deck that jersey or any flags/sponge fingers/whatever around the house. Give your place that football spirit. Do you not really care at all? Maybe get some football themes paper plates or serving dishes. You can keep it as simple as you want, or go as all-out as you want.
8-Don’t drink and drive. And DON’T be an annoying drunk. That is really, seriously, annoying.

I’m a little worried the teams I picked to go to the superbowl won’t make it. Ah well, it’ll still be fun, there are always the commercials!

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