Posted by: liv | December 12, 2008

Other gift exchange ideas

I was pretty proud of my “best movie ever” gift exchange theme.  Here are a few others that I heard from various people for this year in case you’re still trying to plan an exchange:

1-Cookie party (actually, I heard two.  The first is to bring a recipe and ingredients, and cook it at a friend’s house.  The other is to bring a dozen cookies and exchange them at a cookies exchanging party).

2-Ornament party (A friend has held this party for quite a few years, thinking of a new ornament theme each year.  It’s a very good idea.  This year was “what is a girl’s best friend” and I believe last year was “Silver Bells”).

3-The $20 and under exchange.  Meh, this is just a normal exchange, keep it under $20.


That actually may be it.  I have also heard of party themes that were great:

1-Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.  This is such a classic.

2-This year, instead of the ugly sweater party, our hosts changed it up a bit and did the “Pajama Jam.”  I was unable to attend, but based of some pictures, it looked like people wore their most Christmasy pajamas.  I love wearing pajamas…I wished I was able to go.


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