Posted by: liv | May 11, 2014

What The….

Not sure how I ended up totally dropping the ball on this blog,but dangit I will get back to it!

Posted by: liv | July 21, 2013


Howdy folks!  I thought you might enjoy this “sea” of people today.  San Diego was flooded with thousands and thousands of people this past week and weekend for Comic-Con.  I work about 10 blocks from where this was being held so Thursday and Friday after work, I walked over there to get a few pictures and, well, you’ll see…








It was an awesome time.  I have been to Comic-Con a few times, but this was the first time I showed up without a pass so I was only able to enjoy the outside, which was fine because there were tons of places and people to check out. 

Hope you all have a great week!  By the way, I am getting married this upcoming weekend.  The time has finally arrived!

Posted by: liv | June 30, 2013


Moonlight Beach in Encinitas went through its own renovation a little while ago and I snagged this picture last weekend of it in all its glory.  It has been pretty beautiful weather and all our beach-goers have been taking advantage of what they have.

Things have been super crazy lately.  We are under 30 days left until the wedding and all the little items I left till the last minute are creeping up as well as all my vendor meetings.  This leaves zero time to head to the Del Mar Fair and eat some of the delicious/terrible food and that could not make me sadder.

Speaking of sad, Google Reader shuts down tomorrow, July 1st.  I have moved just about all you wonderful blogs out there to Blog Lovin and the rest of you who aren’t there, I am working on that tonight.

One fun item I was able to make was this cake for my brother’s birthday. 



It is a spin off another cake he saw on a Facebook fan site called Different Solutions.  It was really sweet and chocolaty.  For a first time, it was excellent and could use a couple improvements for the next time.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday and happy Social Media day!

Posted by: liv | June 16, 2013


Quick post today – here is a San Diego skyline shot in true “June gloom” (overcast) season.  Took this a few weeks ago from the C-Level restaurant on Harbor Island.

Happy Father’s day to all the dads out there!  Today I get to meet up with my brother for his Father’s day dim sum.  Now that is a good meal for a Sunday and Father’s day!  Enjoy your Sunday everyone!!

Posted by: liv | June 9, 2013


Happy Sunday everyone!  This is a picture I took from the county clerk office in downtown San Diego.  We officially have our marriage license for the wedding!  The year has gone by too fast and it is hard to believe that these “I do’s” are happening in about one more month.  Perhaps that distracted me a bit from this blog that I missed so much.  Well, that and a triathlon and a new job….ok ok, enough excuses.

I am still adjusting to the new blog reading life with Google Reader ending next month too.  I moved almost all my blogs to Bloglovin and am trying to figure out what to do with the remaining that aren’t listed there.  Perhaps see if I can move them to my Flipboard app.  The big question will be if I move all those wedding blogs over too or kiss them goodbye now that I don’t have any more wedding planning to do?  Big decision!

Hope you have a great Sunday and if you are watching Game of Thrones, the season finale is tonight!  Aughhhh!

Posted by: liv | May 12, 2013


Gosh, I am so bad at this…

Above is a view of this creek/golf course area I pass by on the 56 freeway bike path.  I am doing a crash course training for my 4th triathlon next week.  Hopefully, the race weekend weather will be friendly to us.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Mother’s day/Sunday!!!

Posted by: liv | April 14, 2013


This girl is chilling at Ocean Pearl Spa up in Carlsbad. Jenny treated me to a spa day for my birthday last month. So far, we got a massage and are now waiting for our poolside lunch. I’m spoiled. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!

Posted by: liv | April 10, 2013


Sheesh, I am not sure I will ever get back on track, but I’m not giving up!  This pic is of Little Italy right after sunset last week. I was at a hotel restaurant called Glass Door, which had great apps and delicious drinks.

Things have been pretty busy, our wedding invitations have been sent out and we’re receiving RSVPs, which makes a simple task like “picking up your mail” a lot more exciting.  I’m in my second week at my new job and have been enjoying myself.

On top of that, I’m trying to migrate all my beloved blogs over to Bloglovin since Google Reader is going kaput (so sad!).  So if you have a blog, hopefully I’ll see you there!

Sorry the posts are so lame lately.  Will try to do better soon!

Posted by: liv | March 31, 2013


Here is a picture of San Diego bay and the Coronado bridge.  I found it on Pinterest.  I chose this because tomorrow, I start a new job where this view is less than a mile away!  When I am not (trying to do) blogging, I work in HR.  I’ve never worked in a downtown area before, so this will be fun and exciting!  I’m slowly getting tips on some of the best places to go eat (read: Little Italy!)

Things have been pretty busy lately.   March is the month of birthdays so I’ve been out to a lot of celebrations this month.  Shawn and I also celebrated our own birthday by taking an extended weekend and going to the zoo.  It was a lot of fun (and super tiring, that place is enormous).  In addition to that, we just recently mailed out our wedding invitations!  Things are really moving along.  I can hardly believe that the wedding will be here in 4 months!

This may not be a surprise but I don’t have much of a roundup this week.  I hope to get caught up soon and have something good for you soon!

Enjoy your Easter everyone!

Posted by: liv | March 15, 2013


I wasn’t totally paying attention, but then it happened…I turned 31.  Holy cow, where did the time go?

Shawn and I are going to celebrate it next weekend by going to the zoo.  We’re also going to have St. Patrick’s Day dinner at my brother’s house and I am going to possibly dive into a Carvel Cake (old school!)

I also found this really cool infographic about the Aquamarine birthstone, so I thought I’d share it with you.  Have a great weekend everyone!  I sure will :)


Aquamarine, The Birthstone of March – An infographic by


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